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Gabani Exim Private Limited was Founded in 2008, Our Company is high tech and Professional Supplier of Textile machinery, Such As Weaving Machine, Processing Machine, Technical Textile machine, Value additional Machinery, with High Quality Products, Excellent Service and good reputation, 

 Gabani Exim is respected for its values-based operations and builds deep relationships with all its stakeholders.  The group is also deeply committed to societal wellbeing and has been working on achieving social goals through its businesses.

Our Product Cover Weaving Machinery such as High Speed Water Jet Looms, High Speed Rapier Looms, Air Jet Looms, Computerised Embroidery Machine, Finishing machinery

We guarantee an excellent level of competence at each stage of the product lifecycle: our machines are made with competence, passion, commitment and a high level of research.

We provide continuous technical innovation in order to have the best improvements available for our customers and for the people who work with us.

Being close to local markets and employing local manpower allows us to be competitive and to offer our heritage of craftsmanship to global trade.

Our know-how enables us to understand and fulfil the needs of our global customers to whom we offer not only high quality machines but also a good and punctual after-sales service.